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WealthTerra Capital Management is dedicated to creating wealth for our clients, and that means creating value for all our industry members. A strong and healthy body and mind is fostered from a strong and healthy environment.

Building wealth requires a team and we believe by utilizing the best people and the best opportunities we can help our clients achieve a well-balanced, diversified portfolio that will better prepare you for life’s ups and downs.

Good communication is paramount to understanding.  We participate at all levels of industry conversations; whether it be with regulators, investment issuers, investors, or other industry members. A fair and efficient market starts with equal respect for what each participant can offer the other. 

WealthTerra Capital Management is committed to finding what we consider to be the best alternative investments available in the market today without prejudice; and sometimes that means we have to send you elsewhere. We have sought out what we consider to be some of the best private investment specialists who will work with you to find the right balance for your portfolio.

WealthTerra's Private Wealth Advisors
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Our Private Wealth Advisors

At WealthTerra we understand you want a close connection to your wealth professional. Our team is diverse, both in location and specialities; which enable them to support your alternative investing needs.  Find your match:

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WealthTerra Capital Management Inc. is a registered Exempt Market Dealer in the provinces of AB, BC, MB, NL, & SK.  There are risks associated with investing please be sure to read and understand these risks prior to investing.